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Wedding Vows- How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows & Ideas to Get You Started

I Vow To...

So you made the decision to write your own vows! Now what's next? Do you follow an outline, write from the heart, or just wing it?! Brides often get nervous as they start thinking, how to start writing vows, how to make them flow well, and ensuring they hit every aspect. Follow our vow guide to help you craft your personalized vows and make them precious, sweet, and memorable!

Why Do Couples Decide to Write Their Own Vows:

  • it makes your wedding ceremony a little more intimate rather than reading from a pre-generated, basic outline
  • it gives the couple an opportunity to share special details on how they feel about one another
  • it provides your guests a deeper look into your relationship and learn things about the couple they may have not known otherwise 
  • couples can always re-read their vows throughout their marriage and some couples even frame them as home decor!

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I recommend starting to think of a few topics to get your mind rolling and write as things come to mind. I wrote my wedding vows over the course of several weeks and each time I re-visited them, I made small tweaks on wording to help it flow better! Girl, you'll know they are good when you cry reading them!

Tips Before You Start:

  • Don't worry about flow or grammar yet! Get your thoughts down on paper first
  • Write from the heart. Don't worry about following a strict outline if it feels uncomfortable for you- Remember, you'll be reading these in front of a large crowd possibly, so you want to feel like yourself!
  • Don't feel the need to complete them in one day. As you enjoy being engaged and spending time with your soon to be hubby, write as you feel in those special moments

Consider these topics to help you get started: 

  • Describe how you met and how you felt when you first met
  • Tell the story on how you knew they were the one
  • Describe how your relationship blossomed 
  • Explain how your partner balances you out and how they support you
  • Express what you love about your partner 

Other ideas:

  • Share what you vow to: Make promises to your parter, what you hope to accomplish together, how you will lean on each other when times get tough
  • Give a glimpse into how you look forward to the future together 
  • Express being "one together" and what that means to you

How to End Your Wedding Vows:

  • Make one last promise 
  • Add a splash of something funny to the end to make your partner smile- this helps shed off some nerves as well! 
  • End with how many days you've been together. Ex: 'One thousand and seventy-eight days ago I met the love of my life, and I can't wait to share a lifetime of happiness together.'

Now that you have a rough draft, keep editing, re-reading, and get comfortable! You want to feel comfortable reading them, but don't memorize them as it may feel too rehearsed. 

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