12 Bridal Beauty Products That Will Keep You Glowing All Day

12 Bridal Beauty Products That Will Keep You Glowing All Day


A bride's mind holds lots of things leading up to the wedding such as stress, ten thousand details of all of the plans, worrying about her dress and bridesmaid's dresses, making sure everything is executed flawlessly, but one thing many brides forget to focus on, is themselves! It's no wonder why a bride-zilla got her name- she realizes last minute her focus points were on everything but herself! That's why many brides turn into bride-zilla on their bachelorette parties, days leading up to the wedding, and it's honestly no good for anyone! Especially for the soon to be MRS! Many brides follow very traditional practices during their wedding and sometimes, removing those very traditional things are exactly what you need. Brides need to feel stress free and special!

It's recommended to have some fun and spoil yourself on some nice beauty products to gain that glow you may be missing due to added stress, lack of sleep, or just to add to your exciting glow! If you're not a bride, but know one, I'm sure she would appreciate some unique gifts that are unexpected. Don't worry girls, we got you! 


Moisture Surge 100H Auto Replenishing Hydrator Moisturizer by Clinique-

To even get a glow, you first need hydrated skin. I religiously use this everyday! It is the perfect moisturizer and really soaks into your skin. I personally have battled using certain moisturizers that leave my face greasy, but this product really hydrates your skin. You can't even feel as if anything is on your face. If you're a big Clinique lover like I am, this product often comes in free samples (specifically through Ulta) and if often included in Clinique's multi-product gift sets. 

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Ambient Lighting Powder by Hourglass-

A finishing powder that creates an exquisite glow!

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Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil by Fenty Beauty-

So this is the most glamorous shimmery powder you can find! And trust me when I say, the pictures don't even do justice. It is very glittery and lightweight to where you can add a little dab onto your upper cheekbones for a settle, yet shimmery glow. 

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Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette By MAC-

Alright, so this eyeshadow palette comes in three different color palettes and features 9 beautiful colors. Many of which are matte with pairing a similar color in a glowy, shimmery look. 

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Rosy Glow Blush by Dior-

This powder blush provides a sheer coverage and gives you a natural looking pink tone to your cheeks!

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Liquid Blush by NARS-

This liquid blush is so easy to use as you can brush it on or use your hands to dab it exactly where you want. Plus it comes in 3 different colors. Displayed below is the color, 'Orgasm' which we obviously love...the color of course!

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Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer by Tarte-

As many brides test out waterproof mascaras, they often forget that it's not just mascara that gets messed up as they cry....the last thing you want is to have bronzer that is not waterproof and have it smear down your face. Ouch, that would be a big mess to fix. This bronzer brushes on seamlessly and is in fact, waterproof! Color shown is 'Park Avenue Princess'.

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Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm by Dior-

You can't conquer a glow with cracked lips! Brides often forget to take care of their lips and up their water intake. Consider buying a very hydrating lip balm and establish a routine early on. This is our fav and it also comes in tinted colors. 

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Full On Plumping Lip Polish by Buxom-

There's never anything wrong with some gloss and plump in your life! This Buxom lip polish gives your lips a tingling sensation while adding just enough gloss. It is available in tons of colors while the color below is in 'Dolly'- how darling!

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Ambient Lighting Palette by Hourglass-

A trio of groundbreaking finishing powders to create the perfect light! This all in one palette serves a purpose for adding a glimpse of bronze, some shimmery highlight, and adds a touch of bronzing blush. 

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How to Maintain Your Makeup and Keep That Glow

Setting powder, setting powder, setting powder!

I would recommend testing before your big day! Think of it this way, you have many bridal events to try different options plus you likely have a year or so before your wedding, so trying different beauty products well before your wedding date is highly recommended. Plug in your headphones, jam out to your favorite song, and splash on some new makeup on a random Saturday. Pretend you are getting ready for your wedding will allow you to trial run your makeup well before hand and understand what you like and don't like. After all, makeup textures vary and you want to feel confident AF, so test, test, and test some more!

Translucent Loose Setting Powder by Laura Mercier-

This setting powder by Laura Mercier is beyond luxury! It feels so airy on your skin and it does not mess with your masterpiece you worked so hard on. Plus, it will last you forever as you only need a small amount. Simply sprinkle a little bit of powder into the cap and twirl a new brush (un-touched from bronzer, foundation, and anything else that may interfere with the setting powder's technology) and as you twirl the brush in the cap, tap off any excess powder. You likely won't see barely anything on the brush. Then lightly brush your face, re-circling around any key areas that are prone to oil. 

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Halo Glow Setting Powder by Elf-

If luxury setting powder isn't in your budget, don't worry! A very similar dup is the Elf Halo Glow Setting Powder. It works exactly the same and is only $8 versus $43!

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If setting powder isn't for you, consider opting in for a setting spray. 

All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay- 

This is hands down the best setting spray! My maid of honor bought it for me as a bride gift and I was able to use this leading up to the wedding to understand exactly how to use it, how much to use, and get used to even using setting spray! It also gives you a sexy dewey look! Plus you don't need a makeup brush for this. This will last All. Night. Long!

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