This Ultimate Bachelorette Planner Organizes Everything for Your Bachelorette Party

This Ultimate Bachelorette Planner Organizes Everything for Your Bachelorette Party

Organizing all the deets, budgeting, and figuring out cost per person is difficult.

Let us help and do the hard stuff for you!


The Ultimate Bachelorette Planning Spreadsheet Includes 8 tabs! 

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Details Overview:

Planning a bachelorette party involves picking dates that work for everyone, finding a location your bride will thrive in, having a bachelorette theme, and finding a place to stay that fits your budget AND houses all your girls. A lot goes into the planning, but you should have fun planning it all too! The details tab in our bachelorette party planner includes all the things that are critical to communicate to the rest of the bunch! 

If the bride is chipping in for the party, this can seriously change up everyone else's cost. We have an automated feature where selecting this from 'Yes' to 'No' automatically calculates a per person cost by splitting the bride's portion across all other attendees or factors her in as a payee! 

Side Question: Do brides pay for the bachelorette party?

Typically the bride does not pay for the bachelorette party. The total costs are usually split between the Maid of Honor and other bridesmaids. In smaller bridal parties, it may rack up the cost per person pretty quickly as you're dividing the total costs across less people. 


Budget Tab:

Budgeting for a bachelorette party is not an easy task. Of course we all want to just be able to buy out the world for all thing bach party, but our wallets don't always allow us to do that. This bachelorette budget spreadsheet automatically calculates a per person cost for the party, as well as on a category and line item level. Know exactly how much it'll cost with seeing what's costing the most and least. Budget up to 9 categories such as accommodation, bachelorette activities, bachelorette decorations, gifts, food and drink, transportation, and 3 'Other' categories for your event's needs! We got you covered babe!


Attendee List:

Accommodation Comparison:

Finding a place for a large group of girls is difficult and often difficult to compare one option to another. Use our accommodation comparison tab to list out your options, compare and contrast, and visually see which option is in the lead. 

Activity Planning:

Calling three different places before deciding which pole dancing class or boat cruise is the best? Jot down info on the activity planning tab to organize all details for each activity and vendor. Cleary see which one that works best for your schedule too. 

Arrivals & Departures:

Tracking when everyone gets in, leaves, and figuring out who can share a ride with who should be discussed before you hop on your flight. Use the Arrivals and Departures tab to lay out when everyone arrives, leaves, and be proactive by offering the information back to your group.  

Itinerary Outline:

Before you start communicating an itinerary out, it's recommended to draft out plans and slot in any activities you booked. This also serves as a great way to communicate what to expect to your group of girls so they know what to pack. 

Packing List:

Sharing out a bachelorette packing list isn't required, but often times a nice way to ensure nobody forgets the basics. Want your girls to bring a hot pink party dress? Or are swimsuits required? Let them know ASAP so they can plan accordingly. 

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