The Top 10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

The Top 10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

Diamonds are a girls best friend

Diamonds are beautiful and a great way to kickoff your engagement! To marry the love of your life and get a diamond?! Whoa, sign me up! But with love, comes a difficult decision....deciding on a diamond cut. This will be your forever ring, the ring you wear every. single. day. You want to love it completely and if you're lucky enough to pick one out yourself, you will most definitely want to read through our diamond cuts that are among the most popular. Or just drop your man a hint....or even enter his email on our homepage subscribe area, we got you babe!

A round cut engagement ring is among the most popular engagement rings to choose from! Its shape is classic, elegant, and beautiful! Its round shape symbolizes, "the world" and how your relationship means the world to one another. How sweet! A round cut also pairs well with many different wedding band shapes and most definitely stands out! Round cut diamonds are the way to go for many brides.

Cushion cut engagement rings are exactly what you think they's a cushion! Think of a cushion or a throw pillow on your couch. Most girls LOVE pillows, right? Well, most girls LOVE cushion cut engagement rings too. Totally makes sense! The shape of a cushion symbolizes comfort between the couple and that they will be there for each other and comfort each other despite any headwinds that come their way. This cut is super classy, admirable, and just down right stunning, we love it!


An oval engagement ring cut is very elegant and princess like. It's a bit more unique and rare since most bride opt for a different cut, but it is special in the fact that it sparkles so elegantly and catches the right angle just about every dang time! An oval shape symbolizes uniqueness and individually. Couples should do a lot together, but to note that humans are not all the complete same and there are differences sometimes, but to note them and still remain a team truly states it all!


A trillion engagement ring cut is beyond what we typically see, however, it is gaining more popularity as the years pass and new brides decide what's in. This cut provides a bit more edge than others while also appearing to be larger in carat weight compared to other cuts of the same size. A trillion diamond symbolizes love and integrity. 

What bride wouldn't love a diamond princess cut engagement ring?! Every bride feels like a princess on her big day and this shape would totally remind you to be that same princess all throughout your life! It's shape is very sophisticated and pairs well with just about any type and shape of wedding band. A princess engagement ring symbolizes strength, power, and confidence. Do you babe!

The pear cut engagement ring is a high class shape. A pear engagement ring is also known as a teardrop engagement ring. This style is a mixture of the marquise and the oval cut and has a special vintage feel and look to it. It's known that the pear engagement ring stands for empowerment, independence, and unique style. 

Emerald cut engagement rings are very unique compared to many other cuts and shine like you wouldn't believe. The term, "hall-of-mirrors", is used to describe the emerald diamond in such that is has long angular views and has a tall presence. Brides who opt in for the emerald cut engagement ring always adore it's uniqueness! Plus, the emerald shape symbolizes eternal love and commitment- that statement is as true as the shape of the ring as it appears to have eternal views!

The marquise cut engagement ring is curved along the sides and is tall and slim. Its pointed ends are where the diamond appears to be larger than it actually is since the diamond is stretched in a sense. Marquise diamonds have tons of sparkles since the diamond is cut with many angles. Just like your relationship, marquise engagement rings symbolize love, joy, and celebration. What a perfect way to start your engagement with an engagement party alongside your marquise ring!

Radiant engagement rings are well, radiant! There's no question as to why this cut got its name. Radiant diamonds symbolize creativity and openness. Its 8 different corners are extremely complex to cut and allow for less risk in chipping as the corners are a lot smaller. The radiant cut is a bit more rare due to its complexity, so you won't find many options in many jewelry stores, but if you do happen to find one you like, it is definitely worth snatching pretty quickly!

True love is symbolized by a heart and heart shape engagement rings are so lovely, romantic, and just darling! Many brides tend to choose a more classic shape, however, if you find yourself picking a heart cut diamond, girl you may find yourself dazed and engaged! Your hand will be dazed at forever! 


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