Last Splash Bachelorette Party Decorations, Gifts, and Accessories

Last Splash Bachelorette Party Decorations, Gifts, and Accessories

I washed up like this

Last splash bachelorette party decorations

A last splash bachelorette party is full of sun, bikinis, cute sunnies, sea shells, and of course booze! Splash into the weekend with some fun plans such as attending an epic pool party, securing a yacht for you and your girls, or splash through the coast line on a pedal bar tour are fun ways to incorporate your theme. Steer up the party with these bachelorette party last splash inspired gifts, decorations, and bride gifts!

Last Splash Bachelorette Invitation / Itinerary:

last splash bachelorette party

last splash bachelorette invitation template

last splash bachelorette itinerary template

Start off by sending your girls a last splash themed invitation with an itinerary on the back so they can pack accordingly and know what to expect!

Shop it Now- Last Splash Bachelorette Itinerary Template

Shop it Now- Beach Bachelorette Invitation Template

Shop it Now- Cool Blue Bachelorette Invitation Template 



Last Splash Bachelorette Gifts:

 Custom Sea Shell Stadium Cups to compliment a last splash bachelorette party

These custom sea shell stadium cups from SprinkledWithPink shop are so perfect! 

Shop it Now- Seashell Custom Cups


Shop it Now- Last Splash I Washed Up Like This and My Last Splash Bachelorette T-Shirts 


Shop it Now- Last Splash Can Coolers



Shop it Now- Beach Tote Bag with Name


Shop it Now- Last Splash Hangover Kit Bag 


Shop it Now- Last Splash Hair Tie


Shop it Now- Seaglass Tumblers with Name


Shop it Now- Body Butter




Last Splash Bachelorette Decorations: 


Shop it Now- Bachelorette Last Splash Balloon


Shop it Now- Mermaid Tassel Banner 19 pc



Shop it Now- Teal Ring Straw Set of 10


Shop it Now- Sea shell Paper Plates




Instagram Captions:

last splash mermaid bachelorette party ideas

There's no bachelorette party if the gram didn't see it. Add these captions to your instagram posts, and even more fun, they're last splash themed!

  • Salty, but sweet
  • Catch me by the sea 
  • Doing mermaid things
  • Catching waves with my babes
  • I washed up like this
  • Getting a good dose of Vitamin Sea
  • Looking on the bride's side
  • A cool bachelorette party
  • Find your lobster and we'll seas the day
  • Long time, no sea
  • Partying with my mermaids
  • Girls just want to have sun!
  • No buoys allowed

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