17 Champagne Campaign Bachelorette Party Decorations and Gifts You Need

17 Champagne Campaign Bachelorette Party Decorations and Gifts You Need

But First...Let's Toast!

Champagne Campaign Bachelorette Party Decorations and Ideas

Gather your girls and throw the cutest champagne themed bachelorette party with these super cute items. Throwing a champagne themed bachelorette party should be full of toasts, pink decorations, laughs, and of course CHAMPAGNE! Champagne bachelorette parties are one to remember. Fill your glass up with bubbles and look through our guide. 

Consider these top sub themes/bachelorette slogans:

  • Champagne Campaign
  • Veuve Before Vows
  • Blame it on the Veuve
  • Be there in Prosecco
  • Poppin' Bubbly Before the Hubby 
  • Prosecco Babes 
  • Let's Toast to the Bride
  • Toastin' in the Sun 

 Champagne Campaign Bachelorette Invitation template

Send your girls a custom invitation that matches the vibe so they can get ready and excited! This Veuve Before Vows Bachelorette Party Invitation Template is 2-sided with the optional backside allowing to add in your bachelorette weekend events/itinerary. All text is 100% editable and can be sent via text, email, or print professionally. Say yes to Veuve! 

Shop it Now- Champagne Campaign Bachelorette Party Invitation Template


Gift Ideas:

girls at a bachelorette party holding veuve glasses as they celebrate the bride at her veuve before vows bachelorette party

Every bride needs a splash of something white and personalized during her bachelorette party. Adding these fun, colorful acrylic champagne flutes will ensure your guests have fun while popping some bubbly. Add the bridesmaid's initials to make it more personable. Let the fun begin!

Shop it Now- Monogrammed Acrylic Champagne Flutes


veuve before vows bachelorette party themed coasters for the bride

What a CUTE way to add some fancy decor while staying true to the theme! Pairing rose bubbly on top of these would totally create an instagram worthy picture! This two-pack of Veuve Clicquot Rose Coasters are not only a must add, but make for a great souvenir for your bride tribe to take home after the weekend festivities. 

Shop it Now- Veuve Rose Coasters


Two girls at a bachelorette party holding pink tumblers that say, Press For Champagne

Umm, these are freaking CUTE! Ladies, press for champagne as you enjoy bottle service, in house bartending, or just want to have some fun taking pictures. 

Shop it Now- Press for Champagne Pink Tumbler


Champagne Sarong

For the babes who like to match, consider these champagne sarongs if you plan on soaking up some sun. Dance the day away girls!

Shop it Now- Matching Champagne Sarongs 


champagne campaign t-shirts for bachelorette party

If hanging in the sun isn't on your agenda, but you still want to match in a cute way, shop these 'Champagne Campaign' t-shirts. They come in a beautiful soft pink color and a white tee for the bride to be. 

Shop it Now-  Bachelorette Champagne Campaign T-shirts


press for champagne earrings

How darling would it be for all your girls to have matching earrings?! These match the Press for Champagne pink tumblers and are just too darn cute not to buy. 

Shop it Now- Press for Champagne Earrings 




Champagne Bar Sign Template at Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party

If your bachelorette party was anything like mine, a champagne / mimosa bar will be present. Have some bubbly before the bride says yes to her hubby alongside this darling bar sign.

Shop it Now-  Champagne Bar Sign Template 


Veuve Bachelorette Party Backdrop for Pictures

This backdrop comes in four sizes and can be setup by itself, paired along with bachelorette party balloons on the top, or with loose balloons alongside the floor. Hang using tacks, 3M hooks, tape, or clamps. 

Shop it Now- Veuve Bachelorette Party Backdrop  


 Press for Veuve Bachelorette Party Stickers

Stickers aren't just for kids- they are becoming increasingly popular among bachelorette parties. These stickers can be placed on your drinks, water bottles, phones, or self! The stickers are metallic and waterproof! How fun!

Shop it Now- Press for Veuve Bachelorette Party Stickers


Veuve Bottle Drink Stir Sticks for bachelorette party

Mix up your drink of choice with the help if these fun stir sticks! They come in pink and green, perfect to classify for the Rose' and Brut as we most definitely need both in our life!

Shop it Now- Veuve Drink Stir Sticks


Champagne Editable Glitter

Add some glam to your bubbles. You'll be amazed at how fun this can be!

Shop it Now-  Rose Gold Editable Champagne Glitter



For the Bride:

Gifting the bride something extra special isn't required, but doing so will make the weekend extra sweet. These will pair so perfectly with her champagne themed bachelorette party.

bubbly champagne earrings for the bride on a bachelorette party

"More bubbly please". A bride always wants to make a statement on her big events, so gift her a pair of these bubbly statement earrings so she can shine. These are lightweight and would allow her to rewear these again.

Shop it Now- Champagne Wine Glass Bubbly Earrings for the Bride


Veuve Champagne Makeup Bag for Bride

What a better way to make the bride feel special than giving this Veuve makeup bag! The bag comes in 2 sizes with the option to change the zipper line color. Fancy!

Shop it Now- Veuve Clutch Makeup Bag


bride to be wearing a white sash on her bachelorette party

Spoil your bride to be with this classy bridal sash! 

Shop it Now- Bride to Be White Sash


Veuve Champagne Scented Candle for the Bride

Nothing says, 'Oooh, la la' like a nice scented candle, especially this one! Have the bride enjoy this candle after the bach party since she will likely want to endulge in some TLC and relaxation after her big weekend. 

Shop it Now- Veuve Champagne Scented Candle




Instagram Captions: 

champagne campaign bachelorette party instagram caption ideas

There's no bach party if the gram didn't see it. Add these captions to your instagram posts.

  • Be there in prosecco
  • Save Water, Drink Veuve
  • Get set....Prosecco!
  • Champagne is good for your pours
  • Bubbly makes me happy
  • We know just how to wine down
  • You can't sip with us
  • I heard she's getting married through the grapevine
  • These girls are best in glass
  • Love the wines you're with
  • Take time to stop and smell the Rose'
  • Caber-yay, she's changing her last name
  • Back that glass up
  • On Wednesdays, we drink pink


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Being a maid of honor is tough, but your blog has been SO helpful! Currently, planning a champagne campaign bachelorette party now!!


What a pretty theme! I’m planning mine for this summer and can’t wait!


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