Last Sail Before the Veil Bachelorette Party Theme Ideas

Last Sail Before the Veil Bachelorette Party Theme Ideas

Planning your last sail bachelorette party is full of sun, bikinis, cute sunnies, and of course booze! Sailing away to a destination, planning a booze cruise, or getting nauti on a pedal bar tour are fun ways to incorporate your theme. Steer up the party with these bachelorette party last sail inspired gifts, decorations, and bride gifts!

Last Sail Before the Veil Invitation / Itinerary:

Start off by sending your girls a last sail themed invitation with an itinerary on the back so they can pack accordingly and know what to expect!

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Last Sail Bachelorette Gifts:

Last Sail before the Veil Hats

Having a last sail will be full of fun in the sun, so gifting your girlies matching sun hats is a nice easy way to incorporate the theme into your daily wear, but also give them a cool gift for them to wear after the bach party and remember all the fun you had!

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Bachelorette Party Swimsuits, Last Sail Bachelorette Matching Blue Swimsuits

Bachelorette parties that involve the sun always have matching swimsuits. Pinterest is full of pictures with bachelorette parties having matching one piece swimsuits, but often times, it may be hard to ask your group to buy a matching themed swim suit that they will wear for only one weekend. Instead, consider asking them to bring a blue swimsuit of their choice! This way, they feel comfortable, confident, and will appreciate your flexibility in their outfit. Monday Swimwear has a ton of cute, sexy blue swimsuits! 

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 Nautical Bachelorette Party Gifts, Blue Last Sail Before the Veil Tumblers for a Boat Cruise

Scoop up these nautical blue tumblers for your girls as you sail off the coast! Another great option for them to remember your bachelorette party, and a fun way to all sip while you sail. Add their names, a fun nautical saying, or consider adding, 'BRIDE'S NAME Bachelorette'.

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 Blue sunglasses for a last sail bachelorette party

Bachelorette sunglasses are always SO FUN and they allow for super cute content for your social media. Have fun in the sun with these nautical sunglasses. 

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Last Sail Before the Veil Hangover Kit with Liquid IV

A hangover kit is a MUST for a bachelorette party. Sailing all day while baking in the sun will not only give you a nice glow, but unfortunately, gives you a screaming headache. This will be their lifesaver, we promise. 

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Last Sail Bachelorette Decorations:

last sail bachelorette confetti

Celebrate the bride by having confetti sprinkled on the table or use as a fun photo op! 

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nautical bachelorette party balloons with confetti

Scatter the room with these cute balloons perfect for your last sail! 

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Last Sail Bride Gifts:

Making the bride feel like a bride on her last sail is key! Welcome her with these fun bridal gifts.

bride veil, last sail before the veil, last sail bride veil

What is even a last sail without the veil?! Gift the bride to be this super cute veil she can wear on the boat, a night out, or even out to brunch!

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Bride Sash for a last sail bachelorette party

Every bride needs a bridal sash! This sash comes in gold foil, rose gold foil, silver, or black text and can be customized for your girl!

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 Bride tote bag

This Bride tote bag is SUPER darling and the bride will LOVE it! What a perfect little tote bag for the weekend as she can fit anything and everything she'll need as she's on the go!

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Bachelorette Party Dresses: 




Blue Superdown Micah Mini Dress

NBD Tere Mini Dress in Bright Cobalt 

More to Come Orana Mini Dress in Blue 

Lovers and Friends Teddy Mini Dress in Cobalt

NBD Pari Mini Dress in Navy


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All of us girls in party are ordering these blue dresses for one of the nights out


this last sail before the veil invitation is soo cute!


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