A bride spraying her favorite wedding perfume on her wedding day

Top Wedding Perfumes For Any Budget

Why You Want to Purchase Wedding Perfume

Ever have a memory flash back when you spray a certain perfume or use a certain brand of shampoo that you happened to use on that Florida trip, in college, or just throughout a time in your life? Scents can link back to memories and that is why many brides purchase a wedding perfume. Of course, it'll pair nicely next to your wedding shoes, invitation, rings, and whatever special details you have, but this will be a key detail you will want to include in your big day. Sounds a bit odd to purchase a bottle of perfume for just one day? Maybe...but doing so can create that memory of your wedding to the scent you wear on your big day. When you wear your wedding perfume after your big day, you will have those memories re-imagined. Our advice to you is pick a perfume that is different than your everyday wear! That way, you can have a wedding perfume forever and wear it on special occasions!

 Our Favorite

Valentino Donna Born In Roma Eau de Parfum ~$80

 Choosing a wedding perfume:

Choosing a wedding perfume can be based on the scent, bottle aesthetic, best match to your wedding colors/vibe, or even brand! Our advice....you only need a small bottle since you will likely only wear it on your big day and other special occasions. A 1-ounce bottle should do! Below are our favorites:

    Under $75


    Under $100

    Over $100

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