Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Proposal Ideas

Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Proposal Ideas

Alright, so you're going to be a bride! Since the wedding party plays a key role in weddings, you'll want to select your wedding party right away! Once you select your wedding party, you'll need to propose to your girls and ask them to stand by your side on your big day! 
Here are a few tips when proposing to your bridesmaids:

  • Keep it simple and cost efficient- This is likely one of the first wedding purchases you'll make, so keep it cheaper. There will be plenty of other stuff to spend money on such as the bachelorette trip, bridesmaid dresses, wedding day hair, makeup, nails, etc. 
  • Ask your maid of honor first- Accepting a maid of honor role is huge! It's not for everyone unfortunately, so asking her first will allow a hopeful yes, but in the event she declines, this will give you an opportunity to bump up the next best option.
  • Ask in person (if you can)- Many times, bridal parties don't live near each other, so asking in person may be difficult if you find yourself in this spot. Try to ask as many of your girls in person as you can so you can celebrate together. I wasn't able to ask 2 out of the 6 girls in person and it made me feel awful. 

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bridesmaid proposal box from Mod Party on Etsy! It is so easy to put together and is also a nice keepsake for your girls. The blush box features rose gold foiled text with your girls name that is just too darn cute! It is also large enough to fit a ton of goodies and can even fit a wine tumbler inside!


The box comes with an option of many different sayings such as,

  • Will You Be My Maid of Honor?
  • Will You Be My Bridesmaid?
  • Will You Be My Junior Bridesmaid?
  • Will You Be My Flower Girl?
  • Will You Help Me Tie the Knot?
  • Hello Beautiful


How I Proposed to My Maid of Honor:

After being engaged for about two months, I flew home and planned a maid of honor proposal brunch with my best friend! I carried her box into the restaurant, so that deff gave away that I was asking her to be in my wedding. After ordering some wine for the table, I let her open the box! 

 She absolutely LOVED everything and SAID YES! After a ton of smiling and excitement, we asked our waitress to grab a photo of us. This was officially our beginning to many champagne wedding planning sessions!

Now, let the planning really begin!

Maid of Honor Proposal Box



Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas:

The rest of the girls received the same box full of the following:

Custom Tumbler:

Pink glitter Diamond Flasks for bridesmaid proposal box

Alright, so what is cuter than a custom tumbler? A custom diamond bride tribe flask! These are super fun and can be brought on a bachelorette trip as well. We love this shop because they have a ton of tumblers to choose from and offer affordable prices.

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Hair Scrunchies:

 Hair scrunchies for a bridesmaid proposal box

Hair Scrunchies are another cheaper gift item to throw in a bridesmaid proposal box. These are custom by adding their name and role such as, 'Bridesmaid', or 'Maid of Honor' to the card. The scrunchies come in colors and shades of pink, blue, purple, and neutral colors.

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Bridesmaid Diamond Pen:

Bridesmaid Diamond Pen Saying Bride's Babe

What a fun, cute addition to any bridesmaid proposal box! These pens are super fun and low cost. They will have your girls shinning bright as they open their box. The pens also officially initiate your bride tribe!

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Personalized Makeup Bag: 

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift of a custom blush pink makeup bag

Adding a custom gift makes the proposal very special and lets your bridesmaids know that you care and are excited to have them stand by your side. This makeup bag matches the bridesmaid proposal box and the font is SO cute! 

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Nail Polish:

Gifting nail polish is an easy way to throw in a cheaper gift option while also dazzling up their proposal box! We love O.P.I Nail Polish as it helps strengthens nails and will help your girls get ready for the big day! This can be a really fun and unique way to showcase your wedding colors by gifting them nail polish that matches your wedding colors. O.P.I has many different shades and will help you find the perfect match!

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Sugarfina Candy Cube:

 Champagne Gummy Bears from Sugarfina

Proposing to your bridesmaids and getting engaged is a reason to raise a glass, so add some fun in sipping on that champagne. Dropping in Sugarfina's Champagne Gummy Bears to your flutes will make for a memory to remember.

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White Paper Fringe:

Finally, adding some white paper fringe to the box adds a great last touch while also helping keep everything in place if you do decide to ship out your boxes. 




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