5 secrets to keep while you are engaged

5 Secrets to Keep While You Are Engaged


bride and 5 secrets to keep while engaged

Being newly engaged is one of the best feelings! It's a time to share your happiness and all your wedding planning ideas with the ones you care about the most. But don't tell all the details as this can burn the bride out, make day of wedding details feel less important or special, or even give you anxiety/added stress as people tend to give their opinions, sometimes a little bit too much. Remember, it's YOUR day, so do as you wish! Here are 5 secrets to keep while engaged. 


Your Wedding Dress

Keeping your wedding dress a secret is a serious secret to keep! Don't be showing more than the guests who accompanied you to your wedding dress shopping. Ask whoever attended your dress shopping to please not share any photos. Even if they share with their friends who may not be attending the wedding, it still doesn't feel great to have your wedding dress showcased to the world. It feels very invasive and takes away from the real life look at the bride in her wedding dress. You can even add your jewelry, wedding shoes, and hairstyle to the list of secrets to keep.


Rehearsal Dinner Dress or Other Bridal Event Dress

Unfortunately, sometimes people copy our styles. Being the bride, there are some things you want to keep to yourself. Do you have a unique look for the rehearsal dinner? Is your bridal shower dress one of a kind? Keep these styles to yourself. You'll be happy when you walk into the event and you stand out versus being faced with someone dressed just like you. If someone does happen to wear a similar dress to yours, at least you'll know it was not an intentional move on their part. 


The Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are an intimate, special moment between you and your partner. Whether you choose to read them in privacy or in front of everyone during your wedding ceremony, you shouldn't need help from friends, family, or your S/O. It's okay to follow an outline, but there's nothing better than writing from the heart. Read our post on How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows


Wedding First Dance Songs

Watching the bride and groom have their first dance is special! Don't go blabbing it all to everyone in town. Consider having your fiance' pick your first dance song. Having done this myself, I can tell you it is a very sweet moment between the two of you. Not knowing the first dance song, then going into it as I first heard the song gave me butterflies! Who doesn't want butterflies?! Plus, your boo will pick something that reminds him of you! Lyrics tell it all- this allows him to open up and really find a song that resonates with him. Give your boo something to do while you plan other things! You can also keep the secret of your first dance song with your father as well as the mother of the groom. 


Your Wedding Budget

Your wedding budget is between you and your S/O. If family is helping you, consider it a blessing and communicate to them that you are thankful for them helping out financially. Just because you have some financial support, doesn't mean they get to know your entire wedding budget. Your budget is confidential and the last thing you want is for your great aunt sally to blab your overly expensive wedding to all her friends. If you have the money, spend it as you wish. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  

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