5 Wedding Bustle Types, Wrist Loops, And The Pros and Cons

5 Wedding Bustle Types, Wrist Loops, And The Pros and Cons


wedding dress bustle types and how to decide between a bustle and wrist loop

After finding your wedding dress, you'll want to start thinking about which type of bustle you want. Most brides will need a bustle if you want to protect your train on your dress and be able to move freely all night. Another popular option is adding a wrist loop. Wrist loops are a neat way to showcase your wedding train and if you plan on carrying around a white bride clutch, this would make for a great compliment. How darling and classy would it be to hold your dress, have a bride clutch in your hand while you dance the night away!

Considering the different types ahead of time can prepare you when you're asked to make the decision. 


Wrist Loop

a bride in her wedding dress holding up her wedding dress train with a wrist loop

A wedding dress wrist loop is simply adding a loop to your dress. While the night approaches, you'll hold up your dress while you dance!



American Bustle

One of the more popular wedding bustles is the American bustle or also known as an over bustle. This one being the easier types to bustle up also shows the wedding train on the outside of the wedding dress as it is lifted upward. 



Ballroom Bustle

If you want a look that hides the train well for the remainder of the evening, consider opting in for a ballroom bustle. This bustle type hides the train but also keeps the general look of the wedding dress. 



French Bustle

If you want an elegant look, consider a french bustle type. The french bustle type gives a look of several layers on the back of the dress. The process is usually set up with either color coded or numbered ribbons to tie together. 



Royal Bustle

 If you're looking for a royal look, consider the royal bustle type. This style adds a lot of detail and dimension by creating many folds in the bustle. 



Bow Bustle

A bow bustle type is just like it sounds. By pinning the wedding dress fabric on the outside of the dress, a bow like look is created. The bustle is set in place with ties that lay under the bow. 



After reading through the wedding dress bustle types and seeing the wedding dress wrist loop, hopefully you have an idea of which one you prefer. Consider these pros and cons of a bustle versus a wrist loop. 


Wrist Loop Pros:

  • Typically cheaper to add versus adding the wedding bustle
  • There is no installment on the day of your wedding. When you're ready, simply pick up the wrist loop and move on with the night!


Wrist Loop Cons:

  • You will be holding up your dress all night, so one of your hands will always be occupied
  • If the wrist loop breaks, you'll be stuck grabbing your train and most trains are not exactly light


Wedding Bustle Pros:

  • After getting someone to bustle you up, you will not have to worry about anyone stepping on your wedding train
  • Wedding bustles allow for a hands free night as you won't have to hold your train


Wedding Bustle Cons:

  • Usually they are more expensive than adding a simple wrist loop
  • If your wedding bustle breaks (which unfortunately can happen), you are stuck holding your train all night (consider asking for both a bustle and wrist loop if you want to play it real safe)
  • Having to rely on someone to bustle your dress can be stressful

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