Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new ideas for the bride

Ideas the Bride Will Love for Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old, and Something New

Something borrowed ideas for the bride may include your venue! It's no secret you are borrowing this space. Your venue plays a key important role in your wedding, so why not use it for your something borrowed? 


Another popular idea for something borrowed is to use fabric from a relatives wedding gown and wrap it around your wedding bouquet! How sweet to include something more sentimental on your big day while also including someone else's wedding gown.


Wedding veils are crazy expensive! Some are hundreds if not thousands of dollars! All for a thin, see through piece of fabric! Sounds crazy, but borrowing a wedding veil is a neat way to incorporate your wedding wear into your Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old, and Something New. Plus, if you have a family member that knows how to handle fabric well and make alterations, add jewels, beads, or whatever your heart desires, there is all favor in doing so!


Something blue ideas for the bride to represent purity, love, and fidelity. We love a simple ring box for your rings- the bride can have a lighter dusty blue while the groom having a deep blue or navy blue ring box. 

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This darling light blue charm can be attached to your garter, shoe, or even on a necklace! This something blue charm comes in 4 styles/colors along with a gold or silver option and is a great small keepsake that you can keep in your jewelry box or even attach to a bracelet later on. Wear this charm on your first anniversary to make it extra special! 

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Ever think about your 'Something Blue' being your bridesmaids?! How cute is it to have your something blue be the girls standing by your side. You can even switch it up and have a dusty blue robe for yourself while the other girls wear champagne, ivory, or a navy blue colored robe! After all, you may be tired of wearing white to everything and this would be a fun, non-traditional way to go about the day of wedding robes. 

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Something Old ideas may include an old piece of jewelry from a relative you could wear such as earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace. If you don't want to wear it for your wedding, opt in for wearing it before your wedding when you get ready.


Vows play a key part in a wedding, whether you read your own or you use standard vows read by the officiant, you still incorporate them in some fashion. Including an old poem in your vows is a cute way to have something old included in your wedding day. Jot down your wedding vows or poem in these wedding vow books available here


Brides most likely get some new bling for their big day, but you want to be careful carrying them from point A to point B. A jewelry box is among the best ideas for brides to have on their big day because it's not only new, but it can have your new name on it too! It is also small enough to fit in your bag or purse to hold the essentials! This jewelry box also features loops to string your necklace through so you steer away from knotted jewelry. Nobody wants to go through the chaos of unknotting one of the most importance key accessories for your big day.

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Every bride gets a new pair of shoes for her big day and how perfect it would be to identify new beautiful shoes as your something new! You'll also likely keep these forever whether you keep them in your closet, wear them out on anniversaries, or include them in your wedding dress preservation box. Read our blog post on different wedding shoe styles and how to pick the perfect pair! These Dolce Vita shoes are so darling and they have a huge wedding collection to choose from.

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