Wedding Makeup Dos and Don'ts

Wedding Makeup Dos and Don'ts

don't let your wedding day glow up plans end up in a makeup blow up 

It’s totally OK to not want to hire in to get your wedding makeup done! Airbrush is such a big trend right now, but I 100% recommend doing what YOU feel most comfortable in. The options of DIY, hiring in a makeup team for you and your wedding party, getting your makeup done at a salon or store, or having a friend do it can be stressful and scary since you obviously want to look drop dead gorgeous on your big day. Don’t let family members or even friends talk you into doing anything- you do you, girl! Some people may question your decision or make you feel less confident in what you decide to do, but remember, it’s YOUR day and you are the one walking down the aisle! My advice is to try some or all of the above. I personally did a trial run at the salon I was getting my hair at - a very trusted salon and where I normally get my hair highlights at. Luckily my maid of honor went with me to get hers done as well. We planned a girls day to test out our makeup, get some lunch, and catchup. Once we walked into the salon, we were instantly hounded with questions about what style, color for myself, color I wanted for my bridesmaids, etc. and let me tell you- I was NOT prepared for all of that, but I went with the flow and answered accordingly. When we walked out, we did not feel pretty. Lol! It was super awkward for me. My face felt sticky, itchy, and the products on my face felt so uncomfortable. We felt so much unlike ourselves we were crying in tears of laughter about it! It was hideous but I’m so glad I tested out the makeup as I would have had a meltdown if my makeup blowup happened on my big day. After the salon, we went to grab some lunch. We were literally hiding our faces behind the menu, looking down while we ordered our food! It was a funny memory looking back, but that’s when I made the decision to do my own wedding makeup.

Feeling a little bit letdown, my maid of honor comforted me and kept mentioning that we have plenty of time to practice or find another option. Luckily, I did have plenty of time to practice as the makeup trial was almost a year out from my wedding date. A later day, I went to Ulta to find some nicer makeup and continued to practice. I'd say I practiced about once a month. This allowed me to try new things and feel really, really comfortable in my skin and the products I was putting on my face. Confidence is key and if you feel confident in getting your makeup done, go for it! I just recommend booking a trial as far out as possible. You can even bring your own beauty products to the makeup artist and they can apply them! Needless to say, I felt so beautiful and pretty on my day, but most importantly, I felt like myself. Don’t let the untraditional get to you girly! 

What I used for my wedding makeup:


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